Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

Are we headed for a recession or what? 
Why are mortgage rates still going up?
Why shouldn’t I put all my cash into CDs right now?

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These are the type of questions I pepper Portfolio Manager Chris Ryon with on a regular basis. Even though I’m CDI’s marketing director, I didn’t have a deep background in finance before joining. This often leaves me trying to better understand financial news headlines with… mixed results. Thankfully, I — like all of CDI’s clients — have direct access to Portfolio Managers who answer these questions with patience and expertise… something I’ve noticed endemic to the culture here at City Different Investments.

When I first started here, I was worried about asking so many questions… You don’t want to annoy your most valuable personnel all the time. But I’ve come to realize that these are the same questions non-industry people ask their advisors every day. Our clients (advisors) are not only tasked with managing their clients' money, but also managing their worries, fielding their questions, and sometimes talking them off a ledge. 

To that end, Chris and Sweta — our Fixed-Income PMs — produce what we think is one of the most comprehensive, thoughtful, and engaging newsletters out there. The “Week In Review” not only tackles the topics of the week, but it also includes answers to questions asked by our clients, our clients’ clients, and even pesky Marketing Directors. 

Recently they answered my questions about the housing market; they wrote, “[m]any economists thought that with such a significant increase in short-term interest rates, the economy would slow, with a lag. We believe they have miscalculated the impact of COVID-era government measures…” and goes on to explain why the economy remains surprisingly resilient in more detail.

Every week they report on the fixed income markets, but they also include information about what is going on in Washington and how it impacts the economy. Better still, it’s condensed into a bite-sized email, delivered every Monday, that takes only a few minutes to read.

My bet as a marketer? If this newsletter is interesting enough for someone like me to read every week, then I can pretty much guarantee it’s a value-add to advisors. Hopefully, they can use it to answer some of the pesky questions non-industry folks like me ask on a regular basis.

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