Money Market Funds vs. Short-Term Municipals: Time and Yield Work in Investors’ Favor, If They Have the Time and Yield

Money Market Funds vs. Short-Term Municipals: Time and Yield Work in Investors’ Favor, If They Have the Time and Yield

Some of our clients are concerned with the stock market's valuation and are searching for lower-risk options for protecting their gains.  

Should they move a portion (or all) of their liquid assets to cash? Are money market funds the next logical step?

We have a Short-Term Muni Separately Managed Account (SMA) strategy that may be a better option. 
We've simulated returns for our laddered strategy and a taxable money market fund given a variety of interest rate scenarios over the next two years.  

Our predicted cumulative return projected for the period December 6, 2021, through December 5, 2023, given the assumptions outlined below, are higher in our SMA (net of fees) vs. in a money market fund (cash) in three of the four scenarios presented, including in our base case, a 1% rise in interest rates.  The key?  Staying power.  

To immunize the duration impact of a 1% increase in rates (when interest rates increase, bond prices decrease), we believe you need to hold on to our laddered strategy for close to the entire two-year period.  Our SMAs provide liquidity on demand.  But a holding period shorter than two years could result in losses if interest rates move higher.                


Money Market Cumulative Total
(Net of Fees)

Short-Term Muni
SMA Cumulative
Total Return 
(Net of fees)

Net Yield



Difference Short Term
Muni SMA Less Money
Market Cumulative
Total Returns

-1.00% -1.06% 1.86% 1.47% 0.21% 0.18% 2.92%
0.00% 0.02% 1.64% 1.47% 0.00% 0.18% 1.62%
+1.00% 1.11% 1.51% 1.47% -0.13% 0.17% 0.40%
+2.00% 2.21% 1.39% 1.47% -0.25% 0.17% -0.82%



  1. We assume a parallel shift across the investment universe: one day to one year for the money market fund and one day to 5 years for the SMA, occurring month 13 of the forecast period.
  2. The hypothetical money market fund's analysis is net of all fees. The SMA analysis is net of a 0.25% annual management fee accrued monthly.
  3. The SMA analysis utilizes a representative CDI Short-Term Muni SMA. City Different Investments conducted the analysis on 11/15/21 – all data reflects the market on that day.
  4. The SMA includes revenue (52%) and general obligation (48%) municipal bonds, both taxable (67%) and tax-exempt (33%). The ratio of taxable to tax-exempt municipal bonds is assumed to be constant throughout the holding period.  The account includes only investment-grade credits (AAA – 15%, AA – 58%, and A – 25%).


  • If you have a projected holding period of at least two years, our Short-Term Muni SMA may outperform other cash alternatives in a rising rate environment.
  • The investment horizon (2 years) roughly matches the effective duration of the short-term SMA.
  • The SMA is expected to earn more income than the money market fund. 
  • As bonds mature, they are reinvested at higher rates.  Theoretically, 20% of the SMA's assets are reinvested each year or 40% over the investment horizon (2 years).  
  • The rise in rates is expected to produce market losses, but some of these losses are expected to be recovered as the assets mature or "roll down the yield curve."

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