Highlights from the City Different Investments Introductory Call

Highlights from the City Different Investments Introductory Call

If you missed our live webinar a few weeks ago, you can now watch the replay. We were excited by the number of attendees and impressed by their questions. During the call, Connor, Chris and Sweta discussed their careers at Thornburg and other big institutions and explained why they and our other colleagues broke away to start City Different – a place where transparency, accessibility and listening is central to our approach.

"We've been really thoughtful about creating an environment and a culture that as we grow, we believe can remain focused solely on the long-term best interests of our clients and customers."  
-Connor Browne, CEO & Portfolio Manager


We think you’ll be intrigued to hear our story. Here are a few favorite highlights:

  • How Connor’s investing mindset was shaped by a father with a very…unexpected career path
  • 7 words that define us as money managers
  • How our incentive structure differs from big firms, so our portfolio managers literally own the consequences of their decisions
  • Why we’re adamant that investors get paid for risk
  • A personal story from Chris describing why he once turned away $30 million from a prospective client

The webinar replay is worth a watch and we look forward to more opportunities to share our story and investment philosophy.


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